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Indonesia is one of the top producing countries of quality agricultural and plantation products. This country is stretched through the equator line with the tropical weather. Abundance of sunlight and high intensity of rainfall all year round become the factor for such productivities.

Palm oil and coffee are among the prime commodities of Indonesian agriculture prodcuts.

Today, up to 47% of world crude palm oil supplies came from Indonesia to make it world’s largest producer of cure palm oil.

Indonesia is also the fifth largest producer of coffee with roughly 600 thousand tons annual production. This number equals with 7% of world coffee demand.

PT Cahaya Tani Mas is a trade company and exporter with more than 30 years of experience supplying Indonesian agricultural commodities, mainly crude palm oil and coffee, to our preferred customers both local Indonesian and global ones all over Europe, China, and Australia.

We are proud to the strict product selection and optimum logistic distribution proses. We are committed to only deliver products matching with the specifications based on the contract with the customer. For this, we focus on strict sorting and quality control. We guarantee that we only deliver certified products to customers.

PT Cahaya Tani Mas has vast distribution network supported with fleet of capable and reliable shipment transportation. Our business facilities are relatively near the port allowing us to handle big amount supplies for our customers.

The core of this company is highly trained and well experienced human resources. They are the most valuable asset allowing this company to provide the best solution and innovation in agricultural commodities business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at +62 818 977 372 for further information. We are happy to answer any question or to discuss possible business opportunity.

PT Cahaya Tani Mas

Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed product specifications as ordered
Vast distribution
More than 30 years
in the industry

PT Cahaya Tani Mas


A superior and competitive exporter and agricultural commodities supplier.

PT Cahaya Tani Mas


Business operation based on the principles:

  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Diversity
  • Enterpreneurship

Continuous improvement on corporate governance to deliver high quality agricultural products at competitive price.

PT Cahaya Tani Mas


PT Cahaya Tani Mas is committed to corporate values to build firm relation with business partners. Those values are including:
Mutual respect within the organization and beyond.

Integrity and Ethics
Honor and uphold corporate integrity and code of ethics.

Team Work
Team work among the employees, managements, and between both of them focusing on greater goal instead of personal gain.

Prioritizing good communication for good collaboration and cooperation.

PT Cahaya Tani Mas

Sustainability &
Eco-Friendly Agribusiness

Sustainability and eco-friendly plantation are important values within Cahaya Tani Mas’s business etiquette. We select business partners with the same commitment on
eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural process. We believe when we treat the natural environment in a good way, we will get the same in returns.

For our commitment to environmental sustainability, our company and partners apply strict “zero burning” policy in oil palm cultivation. For land clearing process, machine saws are preferred than using fire due to vulnerable risks of forest fires and pollution-causing hazes.

This company and our partners only develops legally acquired land permitted by Indonesian government for plantation area. We are law abiding organization and consulted with certification boards to ensure all business operations are compliant with required standards.

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We are happy to answer any question or to discuss possible business opportunity.