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Crude Palm Oil / CPO

Indonesian crude palm oil is well known in international market for its high quality.

Crude palm oil is the most produced and most traded plant-based oil. It makes almost 40% of all plant-based oils traded all over the world. More than just cooking oil, the oil extracted from oil palm kernel is widely used in various industries including: cosmetics, soaps, detergents, toothpaste, candles, lubricants, and ink.

Cahaya Tani Mas has more than 30 years of experience trading and exporting crude palm oil with growing numbers of consumers and global distribution network. We have an established network with partners all around the world for worldwide distribution of palm oil products.

Crude Palm Oil

Palm Oil Processing

Crude palm oil is treated before being processed into purified oil for various purposes.

The process must be accurate, thorough, and precise to produce high quality palm oil.

In general, the palm oil processing is following these steps.

Palm Oil Processing

Ripe oil palm fruits must be harvested and processed. The fruits are sorted to separate production worthy fruits from the rest. Ideal fruit maturity level is important factor to the CPO quality thus the fruit sorting process is very crucial and must be precisely done to prevent deteriorating quality. Fruit maturity level is determined with yield level (CPO quality) and free fatty acid (FFA). Both elements are significant factors to determine fruit maturity. Normally for the ideal maturity level the fruit will have 18-23% yield with 2.2-3% FFA.

The next step is boiling the sorted oil palm fruit. In this stage, the fruits are still embedded in spikelet and still covered by shells. The fruits are boiled in high temperature water inside a high powerful machine. This process is intended to make the fruits easily loose from the stem and easily peeled from the shell. Hot water boiling can also remove contaminants potentially deteriorating oil quality. Natural removal process of contaminants can also maintain oil palm fruits quality.

Hot water boiling ensures the fruits can be removed from bunches optimally. High RPM rotating drum is used in this process. Inside the rotating drum, the fruits will be detached from the spikelet into lose fruit ready for the next process.

The next step of palm oil processing is fractionation. This process separates impurities and unnecessary elements from palm oil. The fractionated oil is filtered and clarified to remove odor.

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